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Hello, My name is Richard Clay

I had spend most of my life fairly healthy. I exercised fairly regularly and for the most part did not abuse my body to badly. I had even quit smoking years before one of the hardest things I had ever had to do in my life. My yearly physicals were pretty good and for the most part I felt great most of the time. In early 2015 I was surprisingly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and everything about my whole life changed in a instance. You see I fallen into a unhealthy life style and it was beginning to take it toll on my fifty year old body and the first warning bell was about to be rung in a big way.

The company I had worked for for 19 years had just been sold. To get additional life insurance, and discounted health insurance, I has to submit to a couple of physicals. The first mini physical for the life insurance was done on a Tuesday morning complete with urine and blood test. My visit to my family doctor happened on Friday. I got past the only item I was really concerned with flying colors, the blood pressure test, and figure everything was great. I did not give the results a second thought I was healthy and ” I felt fine for someone my age”. Buy Tuesday the following week I call from my doctor was told I had type 2 diabetes and my blood sugars were alarming high (364 with A1c of 12.3).

I was told she was calling in a prescription and should start taking it at once, and should my blood sugars go up and higher to go to the emergency room. I was simple shocked. After all I felt fine for my age after all, so I thought. I had some minor aches and pains but for my age, and the stress of working for a company that had just been sold, I felt pretty good. How could this have happened to me?

I know this is going to sound strange and completely unbelievable. But the changes in my life have been a god send. I have complete changes the way I eat, exercise, relax and live. The junk food lunches at the office during the week are thing of the past. I have lost 35 pounds and really feel better than I have in 15 years. I am not on any strict diet and I am never hungry from dieting. I have just changed what I eat and when. I have changed how I exercise and when. And get this is is for less combined time per week and far less strenuous. I look forward to my personal exercise time now. I have changed my life for the better and it has paid off.

I have spent months reading and studying the causes and solutions for type 2 diabetes and it paid off. It appears that type 2 diabetes is not are incurable as we have been led to believe.